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I had wanted to go to Crete for a very long time. The ancient Minoan culture and the natural beauty of the island were of overriding interest to me. Now that I have been guided through the major ruins (and some delightful minor ones) and have been introduced to the natural beauty of the West, I feel that I can return to take up my own explorations with confidence and enthusiasm. Heinrich Hall is a guide in the very finest sense of the word. This tour was everything, and more. Thank you Peter Sommer Travels!
Briar O’Bryant, California, USA

For the third time in a row, a Peter Sommer Travels tour provided my wife and me with a vigorous, fascinating, and thoroughly enjoyable tour and exposure to thousands of years of history, as well as, great food, scenery, and glorious vistas! For the third time in a row, the conclusion of the tour, convinced me I have to book another!
Russell & Melanie Chapman, Louisiana, USA

Yet another fascinating and superbly well-structured tour with entertaining, well-informed guides who gave an incredible insight into the richness of Crete’s history and culture. Amazing hotel locations and fabulous food - this land tour is unique.
Richard & Jean Harper, Berkshire, UK

The chance to explore a country in the company of knowledgeable and expert guides is what we see as most important in undertaking these trips - all the benefits we enjoy as independent travellers but with expertise as a bonus...We had been to Crete on a previous trip, but had no idea what we had missed until this tour. What an amazing place - the people we met, the places we visited, all gave us an experience of this wonderful part of Greece that we would otherwise not have been able to find for ourselves.
Lynne Sheen, WA, Australia