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Cruising the Carian Coast - Family Tour

Sat July 25 - Sat Aug 1, 2015


£2,295 per person
£2,175 per child up to 12
Sing Supp £590

Tour Guide: Dr. Alan Greaves

Tour Price includes:
Full board accomm on gulet
Airport transfers on first and last day of tour
All crew services on gulet
Entrance fees & tips on land
Archaeological excursions
WiFi on our scheduled gulet cruises (when coverage permits)


“Our family had been looking forward to travelling with Peter Sommer Travels for years. Finally the kids were old enough, and we went....and it was everything we dreamed it would be and more. Relaxing, educational, a gorgeous boat, the most delicious food, beautiful scenery, and we made such good friends. Now my two boys want to be archaeologists when they grow up! To say they got a lot out of the tour would be a massive understatement – it was THE educational experience of a lifetime! We can’t wait to come back for another family tour!”
Rochelle Benning, California, USA

We’ve been to the southern coast of Turkey on an archaeological family cruise aboard a Turkish gulet with Peter Sommer Travels three times now. Our very first, way back in 2006, was along the beautiful Lycian shore, from Gocek to Fethiye. It perfectly married the freedom and relaxation that one requires from a holiday. If your idea of escorted tours conjures up images of dry lectures and ageing crowds, then think again! Our lively trip along Turkey’s turquoise coast inspired both the younger and slightly older members on board. With an archaeologist-cum-guide who was a dab hand at bringing stories to life, we visited ancient burial sites riddled with 2,500 year old tombs, Byzantine and Ottoman castles and monumental Patara – the birthplace of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus/Father Christmas)… All in all, the perfect family trip.
Andrew Wilson, London, UK

“we had the most fantastic time on board the gulet in Turkey and thoroughly enjoyed the company, your expertise and the entire archaeological tour on the Lycian coast.  It was unanimous that it was one of our top holidays we have ever taken as a family and that is saying a lot because these last few years we have been doing a lot of traveling! Many thanks for the amazing adventure.”
Suzy Lautze, Oregon, USA

Cruising the Carian Coast - Family Tour

Open to Families and All

“I can’t think of anything to improve. This was a wonderful trip for our family, especially for our children. The Turkish people LOVE children, so having them with us allowed us to connect with Turks in a way we never could have as an adult couple.”
Jill Horwitz, California, USA

“Best family vacation by a mile. Everything was wonderful. The sites, the people, the food and the boat totally exceeded our expectations. Definitely did not want the week to end. Thank you!!”
Pat & Sam Bryden, Alberta, CAN

One of the best family holidays for 2013 - The Times, Sat Jan 19, 2013 (needs subscription).

When we think back on our childhood and youth, many of us find that the most vividly remembered scenes and moments are often ones that took place on holidays and while travelling. It makes perfect sense: travel is a wonderful and formative experience for children and adults alike. The adventure of exploring new places and meeting new people, combined with the intense sense of enjoying that adventure together as a family, is what memories are made of.

Out of all the cultural experiences travel can offer, archaeology is one of the most appealing for children and teenagers. They delight in the idea of tracing the course of long-lost civilisations, finding out about the mysteries of the past, but also simply learning how people long ago lived and organised their lives, from the private household via the organisation of city or state, to the great events and battles that made history what it is. After all, archaeology, by looking at the physical remains of the past to understand the lives and thoughts of its people, is a particularly instructive way to understand how humans act and interact. Thus, our family cruises include a diverse, but not too heavy, archaeological programme, taking in sites and monuments that we carefully select for their beauty and grandeur, but also for the stories they tell.

Rather than having to deal with the usual hassle of finding hotels, getting from place to place by car or public transport, having to arrange meals and so on, guests on our family cruises can simply relax. The tour takes place on a beautiful handcrafted wooden gulet (a traditional Turkish motor-yacht), cruising along the shore and adding to the sense of adventure. Meals are freshly prepared by an on-board chef, so there is also ample time to play, swim, snorkel, read, sunbathe, nap, or simply enjoy the beautiful boat and the wonderful scenery in the company of friends and loved ones - the holiday of a lifetime.

Our family cruise follows the Carian Coast of Turkey from Göcek to Bodrum offering a marvellous mix of fantastic ancient sites, including monumental wonders like beautifully preserved Knidos, a stunning marbled city arranged around a double harbour and Kaunos with its exquisite rock-cut tombs.

As well as these celebrated archaeological sites where excavations have been going on for decades, we visit ancient towns like Phoenix and Lydae, set in remote and beautiful locations, rarely visited and as yet completely unexcavated.

Most of the sites are located in stunning landscape settings along what is probably the least developed stretch of Turkey’s turquoise coast.  It’s an ideal opportunity to explore this beautiful area by sea, sharing the joy and excitement with your family.

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