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Walking and Cruising Western Lycia

Sat Sept 24 - Sat Oct 1, 2016


£2,225 per person

Sing supp £615

Tour Guide: Dr Richard Bayliss

Tour Price includes:
Full board accomm on Turkish gulet
Airport transfers on first and last day of tour
All crew services on gulet
Entrance fees & tips on land
Archaeological excursions
WiFi on our scheduled gulet cruises (when coverage permits)


An excellent and well organised trip, that, strangely (and uniquely), catered for all tastes - walking, cruising, touring, architecture and history - in a happy and inclusive atmosphere. The catering and transport were excellent, as was the accommodation - which was also surprisingly spacious for a small boat. One felt as if one had been invited to cruise on their private yacht by old friends who had specially picked the other guests; and who were determined to cater for your every whim, while letting you enjoy the peace and serenity of the Lycian coast, about whose history and archaeology they were passionate.
Memo & Maria Spathis, London, UK

“I commend you especially on the pacing of the trip. It was a wonderful mix of activities spaced out nicely over the week. Every day was full, but not too full. Really really well done in that regard. Clearly a lot of thought and care went into the preparation of the trip, and it showed.”
Davis Hartwell, Portland, USA

“The trip was a wonderful combination of learning, adventure, relaxation and beauty.”
Randye Farmer, New York, USA

Walking and Cruising Western Lycia

Sailing Butterfly Valley Turkey
Sailing into Butterfly Valley

This is a dream trip for walkers and sailors alike, with fabulous swims and stunning archaeology thrown in for good measure.

Rated by The Sunday Times as one of the ‘Ten Best Walks in the World’, the Lycian Way in Turkey follows 300 miles of ancient trails and mule roads that linked the region before the coming of the car. We follow some of its very best stretches, averaging about 5-6 miles walking a day, with a traditional gulet ever present offshore, providing elegant transport, dining and accommodation.

We’ll stroll along Roman roads, retrace the route of a 2,000 year old aqueduct, and follow in the footsteps of characters from Alexander the Great to modern day shepherds.

On foot we will be able to discover many of the remote archaeological sites, like Sidyma, an ancient town perched in the hills that encompasses a modern day tiny farming village. We’ll walk the magnificent opening section of the Lycian Way, with wonderful views in all directions, visit the ghost town of Kaya, abandoned by the Greeks after the exchange of populations in 1923 (the centrepiece of Louis de Bernières’ novel, Birds Without Wings); and discover Kekova, one of the most romantic and picturesque areas on the Turkish coast. More often than not we’ll be the only people exploring the historic ruins on our journey.

From footpaths by the coast, to goat tracks high up in the hills, this is an archaeological tour and gulet cruise packed full of breathtaking panoramas.

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