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Greece Tours and Gulet Holidays

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Greece is a land irrevocably connected in our imagination with the glories of the ancient world: the magnificent temples of Delphi and Olympia; the military might of Athens and Sparta; the land that gave birth to democracy, philosophy, theatre, beautiful art and history. It lives up to this billing, but goes far beyond: Greece is a land of deep blue seas; long, sandy beaches; and strings of beautiful islands. It has a fabulous cuisine, with the emphasis firmly placed on fresh produce simply cooked, best sampled in a family run taverna. From crystal waters to delicious food, golden sunshine to abundant antiquities, Greece has all the ingredients for a wonderful cultural holiday. Discover this amazing country on one of our expert-led Greece tours. 


Cruising the Dodecanese

Sat Sep 23 - Sat Oct 7, 2017

£4,125 per person

Exploring Athens: Archaeology, Culture and Food

Sat Oct 7 – Sat Oct 14, 2017

£2,650 per person

Exploring the Argolid: From Mycenae to Epidauros

Sat Oct 14 - Sat Oct 21, 2017

£2,525 per person

Exploring Crete: Archaeology, Nature and Food

Mon Apr 16 – Sat Apr 28, 2018

£3,995 per person

Exploring the Peloponnese

Wed May 2 - Wed May 16, 2018

£4,425 per person

Cruising to the Cyclades

Sat May 19 - Sat June 2, 2018

£4,195 per person

Cruising the Aegean: from Kos to Patmos

Sat May 26 - Sat June 2, 2018

£tbc per person

Cruising the Aegean: A Family Adventure

Sat July 28 – Sat Aug 4, 2018

£tbc per person

Cruising to the Cyclades

Sat Sept 1 - Sat Sept 15, 2018

£4,395 per person

Cruising the Dodecanese

Sat Sep 22 - Sat Oct 6, 2018

£4,345 per person

“The sites were lovely, the museums fantastic, the food was outstanding and Michael and Heinrich were excellent guides” 
Jim Cleary, London, UK

Explore Athens 
Athens, the capital of Greece, is a magnificent place to begin exploring the country and sample the juxtaposition of old and new. Its modern cityscape, filled with lively tavernas, is lorded over by the brooding mass of the Acropolis, crowned by the Parthenon. Other equally splendid ruins rear up throughout the fabric of the city centre and are well worth investigating. Discover this crucible of history on our expert-led Athens tour.

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“Heinrich our tour guide was supremely competent in every way, interesting and interested, charming and a true gentleman. A pleasure to observe…” 
Patricia Kartiganer, Boston, USA

Cruise the Greek Islands 
The strategic location of the Dodecanese and Cyclades, between the Greek and Turkish mainlands, has endowed them with a series of first-rate archaeological sites and museums. Many of the islands are crowned by magnificent Crusader castles or fortifications dating back to ancient Greek or Byzantine times. Hidden in their interior, away from the gaze of pirates, lies a wealth of holy sites: ancient shrines, medieval monasteries and even Ottoman mosques. These historical riches are embellished by the natural wonders that abound in these islands: barely-active volcanoes, natural saunas, rugged mountains, beautiful coves and, in the spring, abundant wild-flowers. Would you like to experience one of our gulet cruises in Greece? Find out more.

The most successful, enjoyable and very best small group tour that I have taken primarily due to the fact that you had Heinrich as tour leader AND a local Greek tour guide Nota. They both worked seamlessly to ensure the success of this tour. 
Jay Olson, Hong Kong, China

Getting In Touch 
We’re always extremely pleased to answer any questions you may have about our escorted tours in Greece. We’ll be delighted to discuss the various itineraries and help you find just the right tour of Greece for you. If you’re interested in archaeology and history and enjoy good food, our cultural tours of Greek, both the mainland and Greek Islands, will fit your desires perfectly. If you have a suggestion for a new itinerary exploring part of Greece, please get in touch and let us know.

“What can I say? An amazing trip… The best that either of us have done with any company. Apart from the fact that Crete is amazing, Heinrich and the local guide did a superb job… Informative, organised, and we weren’t warned about their sense of humour! Both of them… Hysterical.” 
Ian Parmenter, WA, Australia