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Sicily Tours

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We are incredibly excited to offer cultural tours in Sicily. The island’s spectacular ancient ruins are simply bewitching. Theatres tumble down the slopes of hills, and colossal temples seem to lie around every turn, rising majestically with columns still proudly erect.

The island is justifiably famous for its well preserved Greek temples, as at Selinunte, Agrigento and Segesta, for its Roman amphitheatres such as Siracusa and Catania, and the world-class late Roman mosaics in the villa del Casale at Piazza Armerina. Sicily has so much more besides, and we’re delighted to share its magic with you one of our cultural tours.


Cruising the Aeolian Islands

Sat Jun 24 – Sat Jul 1, 2017

£3,975 per person

Cruising the Aeolian Islands

Sat Jul 1 - Sat Jul 8, 2017

£3,975 per person

A Gastronomic Tour of Sicily

Sat Sep 23 - Sat Sep 30, 2017

£3,375 per person

Exploring Sicily

Sun Apr 8 - Sat Apr 21, 2018

£TBC per person


The island’s wonderfully fertile soils and location at the heart of the Mediterranean made it a cultural magnet from prehistoric times. Sicily has witnessed an extraordinary ebb and flow of peoples. Arabs, Normans and Spaniards came and conquered, overlying an already rich Greek, Roman, and Byzantine heritage. Each stamped their own mark on the architecture, language and cuisine of this great island. The buildings alone are a veritable time traveller’s guide: from Norman cathedrals like that at Monreale, with its unmissable and vast glass mosaics, to medieval castles and baroque churches.

Food is an absolutely essential ingredient in our Sicilian travel adventures. The sun drenched isle is renowned for its robust wines, succulent fruits, flavourful cheeses and abundant seafood. We’ll feast on its many gastronomic delights as we cruise around the coast.

Sicily’s landscapes offer spectacular backdrops to our journeys: sinuous river valleys, long mountain ranges and a colourful coastline. On top of all this there is Etna, one of the most famous volcanoes in Europe: a mountain so large it attracts its own weather system.

From the baroque beauty of Siracusa to the bustle of Catania and the splendour of old Palermo, we are sure you’ll find Sicily’s wonders as enticing as we do.