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“We’ve had the privilege to experience many great adventure trips in recent years, and this one ranks right at the top. Turkey is a wonderful place to visit, and everything about the trip exceeded our expectations. Peter Sommer Travels is a lovely little company and we’ve come away feeling as if our ‘family’ has expanded …”
Chris and Carol Samuelson, Iowa, USA

“The sites in Greece were lovely, the museums fantastic, the food was outstanding and Heinrich and Nota were excellent guides.”
Jim Cleary, London, UK

“Traveling for a month in Italy, the highlight of our trip was the Peter Sommer Travels’ gulet trip on the Amalfi Coast. A fabulous way to visit and learn about the history of the area while living and eating great food on the gulet, Deriya Deniz. Michael went above and beyond as a guide and his knowledge and enthusiasm are amazing. This being our second Peter Sommer Travels trip, I’m sure it won’t be our last. You do a top notch job of planning these trips and it shows in the execution. What a great time we had… Thank you for another amazing tour.”
Linda and Del Coolidge, Montana, USA

About Turkey, Greece & Italy

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We have carefully crafted tours in Turkey, Greece, and Italy that epitomise all the things that we think make for a great holiday: warm sunshine, azure seas, breathtaking landscapes, delicious food, and of course, incredible archaeological and cultural sites. Greece and Turkey span one of the greatest cultural meeting points of the modern world: a place where East meets West and Christian meets Muslim, in a stunningly beautiful setting, packed full with history, religion, and art.

Italy has a rich cultural heritage shaped over millennia by a host of incomers: Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards and Austrians have all left their mark on the cuisine, architecture and language. This shared history has filled these destinations with stunning monuments. Ancient wonders abound at every turn: cavernous theatres, magnificent temples, and elegant colonnades.

Ranging from the depths of prehistory right through to the modern day, the sites we visit reflect layer upon layer of civilisation. We explore these ancient worlds against the ever-changing backdrop of the modern. The old juxtaposed against the new makes for a thrilling contrast: Byzantine churches beside greenhouses, tombs used as cow byres, agoras used as football pitches.

Whether it is the sound of the call to prayer drifting from a mosque over a harbour town in Turkey, the tolling of church bells by black-robed priests on a tiny Greek island, or the celebration of the local patron saint’s day in a baroque town in Italy, the sights, sounds and aromas of the here and now will be all around us as we delve into the rich remains of the past cultures and peoples that dot these shores.

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