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I had been told that I would love the food of Turkey, but I had no idea what a treat was in store. The freshest ingredients prepared with flair, meals were both a visual and taste sensation.

Libby Cryer, Connecticut, USA

turkish weather climate temperature

Turkish weather

When is the best time to travel to Turkey? Where should you go on your holiday in Turkey? First off, check the weather in Turkey.

With such a large landmass, Turkey enjoys a variety of climates, earning the country the nickname ‘the land of four seasons’ (dort mevsim). From the temperate climate of the Black Sea region, where 80% of the world’s hazlenuts are produced, to the continental climate of the interior, and the Mediterranean climates of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, Turkey’s weather systems are geographically diverse.

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Marmara, Aegean, and Mediterranean coasts:

These coastal regions have a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. The swimming season becomes shorter the further north one goes: South Aegean and Mediterranean April to October.

Black Sea Coast:

Temperate climate with warm summers, mild winters, and relatively high rainfall.

Central Turkey:

These areas have a steppe climate with hot, dry summers, cold winters.

Eastern Turkey:

Long snowy, cold winters with mild summers.

Southeast Turkey:

These areas have a hot summer with mild, rainy winters.

Average Air Temperature in Turkey in Degrees Celsius

Izmir9101116 2025282723 181510

Average Sea Temperature in Turkey in Degrees Celsius

Istanbul 978111520232321171411
Trabzon 1099101420242524201613

If you work better in fahrenheit, please visit this temperature conversion page
For a more detailed account of what the weather is currently doing in Turkey, please visit the Turkish State Meteorological Service

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