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As of now, all the tours and cruises we offer in Italy during 2019 are available online. We have worked hard to offer a rich schedule of wonderful experiences, travelling one of Europe's cultural heartlands by sea and by land. It is our ambition to provide the best-prepared itineraries in each area we travel, and all our tours, by land or sea, are accompanied by the best guides and specialists for each of them, there to bring our guests deep insights into the places we explore and fascinating stories about the places we visit.

Making these offers available and keeping them up-to-date is something we spend much time on: reviewing and fine-tuning all our itineraries, making minor fixes to some and more major ones to others, year-in, year-out. Especially our "Exploring Rome" tour has been reformatted for next year, to make the 'eternal city' the experience it deserves to be for even more of our guests.

Let's have a look at our options for travel in Italy during 2019.

Sicilian bruschetta

A Gastronomic Tour of Sicily, April 6-13, 2019

Peter Sommer Travels' first Italian tour in 2019 will be our gastronomic tour of Sicily. Italy's largest island is famous for its delicious, colourful and complex cuisine, the result of the many cultural influences that have affected Sicily since antiquity: local tribes, Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans, Byzantines Arabs and Normans have all left behind their traces in a panorama of ingredients, preparations and flavours. Led by a dyed-in-the-wool connoisseur of all the details of this rich tradition, our tours offers a feast of flavours and experiences, including wine-tastings, cooking lessons and many visits to local producers.

Ancient temple at Agrigento Sicily

Exploring Sicily, April 7-20 and May 26 to June 8, 2019

In 2019, we are running our classic two-week tour of Sicily twice, in April and in May/June, taking advantages of the early and late parts of spring. Exploring Sicily is an epic experience of a region that has so much to offer to its visitors: ancient remains (including the superb Greek temples scattered throughout the island), excellent museums, picturesque towns and villages, ornate churches, wonderful works of art, a dramatic history filled with countless tales of human striving. Sicily's nature and history have endowed the island, its places and its people with a strong and distinctive character, making it one of the most fascinating regions to travel in the entire Mediterranean region.

Basilica Maxentius in RomeExploring Rome, April 11-16 and October 12-17, 2019

Rome, capital of Italy, is the "eternal city", a place replete with history and full of unique monuments, spanning well over two millennia of turbulent events and world-changing characters, from ancient emperors via saints and popes to some of the greatest artists - and their works. We have carefully reworked our celebrated "Exploring Rome" itinerary, led by an expert whose encyclopaedic knowledge of historical detail is matched by his extraordinary gift of story-telling, to make it more compact. In its new six-day format, this is not just a tour of Roman highlights, but a definitive approach to what made and makes the Italian capital unique among the world's cities.

Crater on the Aeolian island of Vulcano

Cruising the Aeolian Islands, June 22-29, 2019

Filicudi, Panarea, Basiluzzo, Stromboli, Salina and Lipari: a series of small islands set to the north of Sicily and to the west of southern Italy, known as the Aeolian Islands. While they are united by their volcanic background, which is very much ongoing in some places, each of them is distinguished by its own special character, from stark and awesome to lush and inviting, from idyllic remoteness to contemporary high-life. There is much to discover in the Aeolian islands: hidden charms and major highlights, ancient sites and epicurean joys, sparkling waters and a vibrant version of the Italian dolce vita. We have put together an itinerary that combines these pleasures with the experience of travelling on a traditional gulet, the very best way to discover the Aeolian archipelago!

Pompeii amphitheatre

Cruising the Amalfi Coast, August 31 - September 7 and September 7-14, 2019

The Amalfi Coast, a region steeped in history and bathed in beauty, a cultural traveller's dream and a romantic's paradise. Our most long-standing Italian itinerary has become a classic, a uniquely appropriate approach to visiting an area that was always defined by its sea and its shores. The historic highlights we show our guests here are of unbelievably high quality, from the museums of Naples via the archaeological super-site that is Pompeii, to the scenery of Ischia and Capri. The Amalfi Coast is so blessed with enormous human achievements in art and architecture, so rich in cultural heritage, that it might overwhelm the visitor. Our expert guides make sense of it all and our carefully-designed itinerary, experienced on a beautiful gulet, brings the region's past and present to life in a uniquely enjoyable way.


These are our options for 2019 at the time of writing, but check our website for more. We invite you to discover Italy with Peter Sommer Travels.

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