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This escorted tour in Turkey explores the virtually untouched coastline of ancient Lycia. Behind the soaring Taurus mountains an extraordinary culture and a fiercely independent people developed. Their funerary architecture, unlike anything else in the world, still litters their once prosperous ports.

We step back in time, to see how these towns evolved from Greek, Roman and Byzantine times to the present day. Their location, history, and state of preservation make for some of the most fascinating sites of antiquity.

Sailing aboard a gulet is simply the best way to explore the Lycians’ maritime culture. We can reach otherwise inaccessible places in relaxing and stylish fashion without the need to change hotels.

Highlights include Aspendos, whose theatre is still used for regular concert performances, and whose soaring aqueduct brought precious water from a distant spring to a marbled hilltop fountain.

Myra is justly famed for one of the most stupendous collections of Lycian rock cut tombs. Behind its Roman theatre, the whole cliff-face has been transformed into a city of the dead.

Carved out on high terraces, Arykanda, is one of Turkey’s finest treasures, regularly likened to Delphi – but without the tour buses and crowds.

This one week gulet cruise is a wonderful introduction to Turkey’s antiquities, and an ideal way to relax, enjoy splendid food and swim in warm clear waters.

This is a previous tour itinerary. However, we can offer it as a private tour. Please see our Gulet Charters page for more information.

Day 1: Our gulet is about 30 minutes from Antalya airport, moored in the city’s old harbour, on the mediterranean coast of Turkey. Welcome drink and dinner.

Day 2: Morning visit to Aspendos, where we visit its extraordinary Roman theatre, one of the best preserved in the world, and its towering aqueduct. After lunch we set sail south.

Day 3: To Phaselis, seat of pirates who terrorised the region’s rich trade routes. Its city centre, with theatre, aqueduct and shops, lies serene amid pine trees, by its three old harbours.

Day 4: South to Olympos. On an ancient sacred way we visit the Chimaera, legendary home of the mythical beast. A natural phenomenon where flames burst from the ground.

Day 5: We explore the ruins of Limyra nestling on the edge of the plain of Finike at the base of steep cliffs. German excavations are uncovering a once prosperous and vital city.

Day 6: High up into the mountains to Arykanda, where excavations have revealed a spectacular monumental town, adorned with stadium, theatre, baths, and an avenue of tombs.

Day 7: We visit Myra, famed for its Roman theatre and rock hewn tombs. Walking through its port, Andriake, we uncover a giant cistern and granary built by the Emperor Hadrian.

Day 8: Transfer from our gulet back to Antalya airport, a drive of approx two and a half hours.

This is a previous tour itinerary. However, we can offer it as a private tour. Please see our Gulet Charters page for more information.

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