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Whether you have a love of ancient history, delicious food, exploring new cultures or even just walking amongst some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world, you’ll find what you’re looking for on one of our expert-led cultural tours of Turkey.

“We usually take care of our own travel details but now we have seen the magic than can be wrought by the hands of experts. Peter and Cem transported us across the breath-taking landscape of Turkey and backwards in time to the ancient world while feeding us delicious food in beautiful spots, billeting us in lovely accommodations, and giving us just the breathing time we needed to absorb the learning and make our own discoveries. In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great was not just a trip, it was an unforgettable life experience.” Denise Arai, Boston, USA

The Length and Breadth of Turkey 

We offer a wide range of escorted tours in Turkey from family tours to walking vacations, from gulet cruises to food tours. Turkey is an amazing country – join one of our expert-led tours and you’ll discover a land full of wonderfully well preserved ancient sites, beautiful landscapes and with a mouth-watering cuisine, too. We at Peter Sommer Travels have created a unique range of exceptional tours for you.

It really was a wonderful holiday; the perfect combination of culture and relaxation. Swimming in secluded bays, excellent food and good company. What more could one ask for? Everyone looked after us so well and we came back refreshed and relaxed and much better informed.” Simon Tompsett and Alison Ledgerwood, Middlesex, UK

Turkey Gulet Cruises 

Most of our tours in Turkey are aboard gorgeous gulets, traditional wooden boats handcrafted in Turkey. You’ll cruise along part of the turquoise Turkish coast, enjoy superb swimming, mouth-watering food prepared by the on-board chef. At the heart of our trips are archaeological adventures in the company of expert guides who lead our tours. Turkey has an incredible coastline, and it’s waiting for you. Find out more about our Gulet Cruises in Turkey.

Gulet Charters in Turkey: Expert-led Bespoke Gulet Holidays

Alongside our scheduled gulet trips we also create private gulet charters. We charter traditional Turkish gulets with from 2-12 cabins, beautiful boats handcrafted in Turkey’s boatyards, run by experienced local crews. We can arrange your own bespoke gulet holiday so you can relax and travel in style, accompanied by a specialist archaeologist guide just like our scheduled escorted tours. Find out more about our Gulet Charters in Turkey.

We had the most marvellous week. The crew were fabulous and looked after us so well. Thank you to our guide for his enthusiasm, his ability to communicate his archaeological knowledge and for arranging a most enjoyable experience.
Allan and Vanessa Barber, New Zealand

Exploring Istanbul Tour 

As an excellent introductory tour of Turkey, you might want to investigate the vibrant and exotic city of Istanbul. Delve into the mysteries and history of the bustling city, from its roots as a small Greek town on the Bosphorus to the teeming and opulent capital city that it became under the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Istanbul boasts world-famous sites such as the Haghia Sofia, Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque, along with some seldom-visited wonders that only the true connoisseurs of the city ever visit when they visit this incredible metropolis. Find out more about our Exploring Istanbul tour.

Turkey Family Tours 

Our family tours in Turkey are designed to be relaxing and stimulating, fascinating and fun. Like our other escorted tours they are cultural gulet cruises and led by an expert guide. Visits to ancient sites will take you and your children deep into the past. You’ll explore the world of the Greeks and Romans in colourful detail: from what they ate to how they built temples, from what their loos were like to how they were treated at the doctors. All this and more in places boasting some of their finest artistic and architectural glories. Alongside our archaeological adventures, there is the cruise itself aboard a beautiful traditional Turkish gulet. Our gulet holidays offer plenty of opportunities for families with children to swim, kayak or snorkel in azure seas, to lie back and read as the world goes by, and to enjoy delicious home-cooked food. When we hike off into the hills, we’re almost certain to see goats, tortoises, and creepy crawlies, and while at sea there is always the chance we’ll see some dolphins! Find out more about our Family tours in Turkey.

Follow Ancient Legends 

For two millennia, the legend of Alexander the Great has excited the imaginations of people all across the world. Take this unique opportunity to retrace the footsteps of Alexander with this one-of-a-kind inspirational archaeological tour. Turkey is rich with Alexander’s legacy; stroll along the sacred way to Apollo’s great oracular temple at Didyma and discover Ephesus, one of the most well-preserved classical cities in the world. Like most of our tours in Turkey, this is a journey back through time, and a tale of romance, war and power. Join us for an amazing expedition full of unforgettable vistas and historical highlights. Find out more about our Alexander the Great tour.

I don’t know that I have ever had such an all-around perfect vacation. We were so extremely well taken care of from the minute we arrived in the airport until we were taken back to the airport. We didn’t have to think about a thing or make a decision about a thing. It was a completely stress-free vacation. Not only was the food absolutely delicious, it was so healthy. I keep trying to recreate the food at home but to no avail. We really liked the idea of having a focus for the trip too. Our guide inspired us to use our imaginations, made us laugh and taught us so much about the ancient sites we visited. I think we are spoiled for any other type of vacation.
Judith Christensen and Philip Dowad, British Columbia, Canada

Getting In Touch 

We’re always delighted to talk through all the possibilities and help you find the perfect trip for you. If you’re interested in experiencing Turkey on one of our cultural, culinary, or historical trips, or if you have an idea for a particular itinerary, take a look at the selection below to get started, or why not get in touch with us now? Contact us

This is the trip you always dreamed about but never imagined could happen. Seeing the Classical treasures of the Ionian coast in Turkey by sea with knowledgeable guides, an expert crew, and terrific fellow passengers was the adventure of a lifetime. The archaeologist in me was thrilled every moment; the writer in me was inspired beyond belief. I can‘t say enough good things about the delicious food, the friendly Turkish people, the breath-taking sites, and the blend of relaxation, indulgence, and adventure Peter Sommer creates. If I had to pick just one big word, it would be: Epic. We‘ll definitely be back for more! …” Dana Cameron, Beverly, Massachusetts, USA -award-winning writer

Articles about Turkey on our Blog

We are always adding fascinating articles about Turkey on our blog. So if you are interested in Turkey’s archaeological sites, history, food or other aspects of Turkish culture (including the occasional delicious recipe) please visit our blog.

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