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Escorted Tours of Italy

We are delighted to offer a range of expert-led Italy tours that have received rave reviews. Italy has a uniquely rich cultural heritage shaped over millennia by the interaction between the native inhabitants and a host of incomers: Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and Spaniards have all left their mark on the cuisine, architecture and language of the country.

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Exploring Italy

Ancient wonders abound at every turn: vast theatres, magnificent temples and elegant colonnades. Ranging from the depths of prehistory right through to the modern day, the sites we visit reflect layer upon layer of civilisation. We explore these ancient worlds against the dynamic backdrop of modern Italian lifestyle, itself deeply grounded in tradition. The old juxtaposed against the new makes for a remarkable and entertaining contrast. Imagine exploring a baroque town in Italy on the local patron saint’s day: the sights, sounds and aromas of the here and now will be all around us as we delve into the rich remains of Italy’ past cultures and peoples.

Our Exploring Rome tour aims to offer a definitive experience of one of the world’s most celebrated cities, with its vast history ranging from antiquity to the present. Based in a hotel that is itself a historical building, it will include tours of the famous main sites, such as the Colosseum, the Forum or the Pantheon, but also of hidden gems. The jaw-dropping collections of the Capitoline and Vatican Museums will introduce our guests to key works of ancient art. The tour also includes excursions to the astonishingly well-preserved Roman port town of Ostia and to the Emperor Hadrian’s vast and luxurious villa at Tivoli. Additionally, there’ll be ample opportunity to savour Italy’s famous cuisine.

We have also been offering our Exploring Sicily tour ever since its first outing (to wide acclaim) in 2014. Alongside this cultural and archaeological tour of Sicily, we also run a fabulous food tour of Sicily, a gastronomic adventure that explores the cuisine and culture of this beautiful island.

As well as our scheduled Italy tours, we can also offer these as bespoke tour packages and gulet charters for private groups. Please let us know if you are interested or have any questions, or indeed if you have any suggestions for tours in Italy you’d like us to create.

Getting In Touch

We are only too pleased to discuss our trips in detail and help you find the perfect Italy tour for you. If you’re interested in archaeological, gastronomic, or cultural tours of Italy, or if you have an idea for a particular tour itinerary exploring the Italian mainland or islands, why not get in touch with us now?


exploring sicily tour

Sicily Exploring Sicily

gastronomic sicily tour

Sicily A Gastronomic Tour of Sicily

gastronomic sicily tour

Sicily A Gastronomic Tour of Sicily

exploring rome tour italy

Italy Exploring Rome

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