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About Croatia

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Although Croatia has a long tradition and much expertise as a travel destination, its visibility had been languishing at rather low levels in recent decades. All this is now changing, and this beautiful country – a crossroads of cultures and a rich panorama of experiences – is reentering the horizon, going from strength to strength. No wonder: Croatia has very much to offer to travellers, and it does so in a way that combines unfailing quality with a distinctively friendly, personal and relaxed style.

The country's unique position within Europe and the Balkans – neither East nor West, neither North nor South – has imbued it with a unique mix of geographic features and cultural influences, making it a place of great diversity in every regard. Over the millennia, it has been a home or a frequent destination for Illyrian and Dalmatian tribes, Greek colonists, Roman legionaries (and emperors!), Byzantine bishops, Croatian (Slavic) warriors, Ottoman and Venetian traders, Italian artists and Austrian engineers, to name but a few. Each of those cultures has left its own distinctive imprint, making Croatia a wonderful country to discover and enjoy.

Croatia's attractions are too many to list. The country has superb landscapes, from snow-capped mountains via lush forests and placid lakes to an intricate coastline with thousands of islands. The archaeological and cultural heritage includes prehistoric strongholds, traces of Greek settlements, vast Roman monuments, the charming churches of the first Christian Croatians, the grand edifices of the Venetian-influenced Republic of Ragusa (modern Dubrovnik) and innumerable medieval and post-medieval cities of great interest and great prettiness, each with its own character and beauty, be it inland, on the coast or even on an island.

It is the Croatians themselves who fill this rich tapestry of nature and culture with atmosphere and life: their attitude to visitors mixes great openness, authentic friendliness and genuine modesty with a burning pride of place and a very generous hospitality. Their traditions and their attitude to visitors make a trip to Croatia superbly enjoyable and utterly unforgettable, as they invite the traveller to share in their love of the country and its riches, from the wonderful sights and landscapes via the tranquil or vibrant life of cities and towns to the excellent – and seriously underestimated – cuisine and wines of the Croatia, worth a text of their own.

The saying in English is “the best of both worlds”, but Croatia is the best of many. On Peter Sommer Travels' Croatian tours, you will experience the best Croatia has to offer in style, in depth and with the best guides!

(Image by Ivo Biočina, courtesy Croatian National Tourist Board)

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