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Food Tours in Turkey

Turkish cuisine is renowned for its varied flavours and an ever-present emphasis on fresh ingredients cooked to perfection. Food is a fundamental part of Turkish culture, discussed at great length by all members of society. The sights and aromas of food being cooked, prepared and presented will surround you in any urban setting: markets, fresh produce displays, teashops, coffee houses, cafes, bakeries, restaurants and small speciality shops are everywhere you look. It is hardly a surprise, given this deep and abiding interest that Turkish chefs have become culinary artists with a keen eye on the presentation of their dishes: Turkish cuisine truly is a feast for all the senses.

The wide variety of healthy and delicious mezes, deeply flavoursome slow roasted meats,  smoked vegetables, barbecued fish, sticky pastries with honey and almonds and exotic deserts with pomegranate, rose and apricot all combine to make Turkish food one of the most exuberant and delicious cuisines in the world.

Our gastronomic gulet cruise is a voyage of discovery through Turkish coastal cuisine. You will see and taste countless delights on this tour, from the daily dishes prepared by the on-board cook using fresh local ingredients, to cooking demonstrations in traditional restaurants, and getting hands-on to create some excellent regional delicacies. The vibrant colours, delicious aromas and mouth-watering tastes of Turkey are combined with daily adventures to explore some of the country's most impressive ancient sites; personally escorted by a leading archaeologist.


A Gastronomic Gulet Cruise

Sat May 20 - Sat May 27, 2017

£2,365 per person