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Family Tours in Greece

You never know what it’ll be that will cause a fire to light in your children’s hearts, or where it might lead them. What will the spark be that might broaden their horizons, what new interest will develop where it might lead them in education or career, or what new interesting character quirk might come from something unexpected? What can we give them to help them on their way? Maybe a story that sparks a fascination that ends up in a degree ceremony, a view over hills and villages that makes them a photographer, a meal that creates a love of cooking or a whirl of just fantastic days that makes them a linguist after falling in love with a place. Maybe it’ll lead to big, life-defining things, maybe it’ll just develop a passionate interest, maybe it’ll just be something you did together that you love to hear them tell everyone about.

We’ll help plant those chances with the rich experiences our Family Tours in Greece offer – the walk through the active volcanic caldera they tell their friends about, the view of the monastery like a castle above the gleaming white village that keeps popping back in their mind’s eye, the photos they excitedly show their grandparents, the time they try to recreate that dish that was so delicious.

If you want to give them the chance to find fascination in majestic historical sites, an artistic sense in beautiful and diverse views over a string of Greek islands or the depth and curiosity that comes from experiencing other cultures, we have the perfect gift here. And it comes with the even greater one of being with them as they do it.

"Not only everything was perfect, but we felt, in every instance, that our guides and our gulet crew truly cared about us, both the kids and adults, and did their best to make this trip memorable. For our well-travelled children this definitely has become the most eye-opening, adventurous, and stunning journey of their life. We definitely will be back!" Ilya Strebulaev, CA, USA

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