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This was a superb tour… beautifully crafted, taking us through the long history of the island and travelling from the arid East to the green West. The accommodation was wonderful and the food/ wine experiences truly memorable. Heinrich is not only a fount of knowledge but a wonderful host and has a great sense of humour. Heinrich and Vangelis (the local guide) both went to great lengths to provide us with experiences much beyond expectations and I cannot thank them enough.
Ann Dewar, WA, Australia

Another excellent trip with Peter Sommer Travels, eating wonderful local food and staying in lovely places full of character and local characters. You really do provide access to places that truly show Crete at it’s best. My personal highlights were sunrise on Mount Kofinas, where we counted 16 eagles wheeling & soaring overhead, and the hotel in Chania, where I felt like a privileged house-guest, lucky enough to chat to the owner, who still lived there, in the house that she was born in.
Jim Cleary, London, UK

“What can I say? An amazing trip… The best that either of us have done with any company. Apart from the fact that Crete is amazing, Heinrich and Vangelis (the local guide) did a superb job… Informative, organised, and we weren’t warned about their sense of humour! Both of them… Hysterical.”
Ian Parmenter, WA, Australia

The chance to explore a country in the company of knowledgable and expert guides is what we see as most important in undertaking these trips - all the benefits we enjoy as independent travellers but with expertise as a bonus...We had been to Crete on a previous trip, but had no idea what we had missed until this tour. What an amazing place - the people we met, the places we visited, all gave us an experience of this wonderful part of Greece that we would otherwise not have been able to find for ourselves.
Lynne Sheen, WA, Australia