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In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great: The Conquest of Asia Minor - Part One

Mon April 25 - Fri May 6, 2016


£3,195 per person

Hotel Sing Supp: £375

Tour Guide: Peter Sommer

Tour Price includes:
Full board accommodation
We use high standard 3-5* hotels with character
Airport transfers on first and last day of tour
All entrance fees
Excursions with specialist guide


We usually take care of our own travel details but now we have seen the magic than can be wrought by the hands of experts. Peter and Cem transported us across the breathtaking landscape of Turkey and backwards in time to the ancient world while feeding us delicious food in beautiful spots, billeting us in lovely accommodations, and giving us just the breathing time we needed to absorb the learning and make our own discoveries. In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great was not just a trip, it was an unforgettable life experience.”
Denise Arai, Boston, USA

“We were a small select group, guided by Peter Sommer and his team in the “Footsteps of Alexander the Great” and through Peter’s contagious enthusiasm Anatolia’s past came back to life. We also learnt about Turkey’s many cultural phases from before Alexander to Ataturk and beyond through archaeology, history, geography, gastronomy and present day politics...Every day brought new wonders on a carefully planned itinerary - such quality organisation and a truly unforgettable journey of discovery.”
Simon Blackmore, Oxford, UK

“It was brilliant. I enjoyed everything. I had a wonderful time and am happily recommending you to all my friends. I was particularly impressed by the attention to detail in the organisation - the water on the bus, the selection of dishes at each meal, the luggage waiting in my room when I reached the new destination.”
Diane Robinson, Auckland, New Zealand

“The trip was absolutely wonderful. Your historical commentary and the selection of locations, from the Hellespont to Issus made the adventure extraordinarily memorable. The pace could not have been better, and each day brought a new experience that was inevitably better than the one before. We were amazed that we were almost always the only group visiting every site. Furthermore, the availability of yourself as guide, alongside your Turkish coordinator and 2 drivers, for every day over 3 weeks made this trip absolutely the best value of any we have taken.”
Kirk Wilhelmus, Texas, USA

“The organisation enroute was exceptional. Cem was active and proactive, always in a very friendly, caring and postive way. Peter was so enthusiastic and knowledgable that it was impossible not to be swept up into the drama of the day.”
Jane McDougall, Wellington, New Zealand

“This tour was amazing! The itinerary, accommodations and Turkish food were fabulous. There is no way we could have seen and learned so much on our own or with any other tour. Peter was incredibly knowledgeable, informative, enthusiastic and fun. Cem was such an amazing “fixer,” we wanted to bring him home with us. Definitely signing up for more Peter Sommer Travels’ tours!”
J. Mark Ryan and Linda Ujifusa, Rhode Island, USA

“In the footsteps of Alexander the Great was a wonderful, stimulating experience; more than just a holiday! Peter transported us from modern Turkey to ancient Asia Minor, travelling with Alexander’s entourage, visualising his strategies
and battles, and of course his triumphs. It was wonderful!”
Elly De Gooyer , Victoria, Australia

“Tom and I thoroughly enjoyed this escorted tour in Turkey – even better than we had anticipated. Your enthusiasm and knowledge really brought Alexander and the other periods to life for us. We loved all the archaeological sites we visited, and to see some of them late in the day, and have them to ourselves was a real treat. Well done. We thank you for one of our very best trips.”
Tom & Peggy Robinson,
Centennial, CO, USA

“Peter and Cem were terrific guides. This was our first archaeological tour, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We learned so much about Alexander thanks to Peter’s knowledge and enthusiasm. Cem’s choice of restaurants and assistance during our travels were outstanding. I hope to take another Peter Sommer Travels’ tour very soon!”
Alice Bruemmer, Wilmette, IL, USA

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great: The Conquest of Asia Minor - Part One

Rated one of the world’s ‘Top Ten Learning Retreats’, and one of ‘The 100 Best Worldwide Vacations to Enrich Your Life’ by National Geographic

St. Peter's Castle at Bodrum
St Peter’s Castle, Bodrum

For more than 2,000 years Alexander the Great has excited the imagination of people around the globe. This archaeological tour in Turkey is a unique opportunity to retrace his footsteps across Asia Minor, the first leg of his extraordinary 22,000 mile journey. Along the way you’ll explore many of the country’s most fascinating and best preserved ancient and cultural sites, see some of its most striking and beautiful landscapes, savour many of the highlights of Turkish cuisine and stay in some delightful, characterful and charming small hotels.

Join this remarkable historical tour escorted by Peter Sommer, who in 1994 walked 2,000 miles across Anatolia, from Troy to the battlefield of Issus, retracing Alexander the Great’s march in Turkey. Who better to lead you on Alexander’s route than someone who has walked the entire distance!

“Peter was the ideal person to help produce our In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great TV series for the BBC/PBS. Our particular style of documentary making leans heavily on understanding history by following in its footprints. Peter had worn out 4 pairs of boots doing just that on Alexander’s trail. Who better to show you how the conqueror’s story unfolded and how the locations helped mould the legend.” David Wallace, Director, In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great

Travelling back through time we’ll delve into Alexander’s personality and the lives of the people that inhabited his tumultuous world. This is a true archaeological and cultural voyage. Following in Alexander’s footsteps on the first leg of his journey across Turkey we travel from Istanbul to ancient Halicarnassus, modern day Bodrum and site of one of seven wonders of the ancient world. On this epic tour we’ll discover the history and architecture of the cities on Alexander’s route and much else besides, including the key sites of the Gallipoli peninsula witness to the fateful campaign during the First World War.

Turkey is rich with Alexander’s legacy; Troy, where Alexander ran naked around Achilles’ tomb; Sardis, kingdom of Croesus once famed as the richest man in the world; Ephesus, one of the best preserved classical cities in the world; and Apollo’s great oracular temple at Didyma, where we’ll stand below monumental marble columns and stroll along the sacred way. You’ll traverse magnificent landscapes, enjoy fabulous Turkish food and stay in beautiful accommodation

This inspirational historical tour is a tale of romance, war and power, an amazing expedition full of unforgettable vistas and historical highlights. Won’t you join us for this once in a lifetime archaeological adventure?

You can see a selection of testimonials (for the original 20-day version of this trip) on the right and below. We think they encapsulate the nature of the tour perhaps better than we can.

I have been raving about the trip to everyone I meet. The food was outstanding in every respect and Cem’s (our tour manager/local guide) choice of places, most of which we would never have found on our own, was terrific, and the choice of each menu, highlighting particular specialities of wherever we were couldn’t have been more perfect. The places we stayed - mostly small, and each with unique local features - were exactly the kinds of places I choose to stay when I’m on my own… our little band of travelers couldn’t have been more interesting.

The overall organization of everything, from the separate luggage van so that we never had to carry our suitcases even an inch, to the well timed rest stops, and Cem’s absolutely unflappable approach to the unexpected made it bliss - no cares or worries, just time to enjoy and soak it all up. And last but not least, your enthusiasm and knowledge were inspiring and contagious. Thanks for a unique experience… It was truly magical’
Joan Lancourt, Brookline, MA, USA

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