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Cruising the Carian Coast - from Mediterranean to Aegean

Sat May 28 - Sat June 4, 2016

8 Days

£2,225 per person
Sing Supp £615

Tour Guide: Prof. Julian Bennett

Tour Price includes:
Full board accomm on gulet
Airport transfers on first and last day of tour
All crew services on gulet
Entrance fees & tips on land
Archaeological excursions
WiFi on our scheduled gulet cruises (when coverage permits)


“This was my most memorable holiday; a magical historical adventure brought to life by Peter with vivid descriptions, awesome knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for the lives of the Greeks and Romans. The gulet’s crew and guests were a delight as were the most beautiful turquoise bays where we moored and swam. The delicious and bountiful food deserves high praise.”

Diane Du Bois, Herefordshire, UK

“Cathie’s in-depth knowledge and storytelling ability really brought the sites to life for us. No question went unanswered!  Her jovial and easy going personality really brought together everyone on the boat. Thanks Cathie for an unforgettable week!”

Christian Vezeau and Talitha Nabbali, Ottawa, Canada

“Thank you for a truly sensational trip this past week.  - a perfect balance of relaxation, ancient exploration, beauty, incredible food and very congenial company. We look forward to our next… thanks again from us both for an extraordinary trip !”

Bernard Gustin & Belinda Shepard, USA

“There were lots of places on the boat where we could sit back and just enjoy the scenery or read a book or get together with the other passengers. The food was fabulous and wine was provided with dinner each night. Each day had a planned site visit for about three or four hours and there was plenty of time to swim and relax. lt was a fascinating trip for those who like to dig a little deeper than the generic guidebook, as the cruise does visit well known and remote archaeological sites. We enjoyed the company of others from around the world who seemed to have led interesting and varied lives.”

Jane and Brettt Rushton, Albany, Australia

Cruising the Carian Coast - from Mediterranean to Aegean

Cruising the Carian Coast: from Mediterranean to Aegean offers a marvellous combination of superb archaeological sites and a remarkably beautiful maritime landscape – a stretch of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast that so far remains mostly untouched by mass tourism and other modern developments.

Starting in Göcek, a quiet resort town in a lovely setting on the Gulf of Fethiye this cruise follows the convoluted shoreline of Caria, made up of deep inlets and long peninsulas forming a complex and diverse geography where land and sea constantly embrace one another. It ends at the lively harbour of Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus and the birthplace of Herodotus.

Along the way, we visit a series of fascinating archaeological sites, each of them with its own story to tell about the past of Caria, a region that often found itself at the intersection of different cultural and political realms, adopting and adapting features from all of them. They include famous ancient cities like Knidos, in a stunningly beautiful peninsular location overlooking twin harbours, and spectacular Kaunos, overlooked by uniquely elaborate rock-cut tombs. But we also get to explore more remote spots, such as the mighty Rhodian fortification at Loryma, one of the best examples of defensive architecture to survive from antiquity, the virtually unknown town, surrounded by evocative grave monuments, and long-forgotten Lydae, hidden away on a wild promontory far away from roads, towns and modern life. 

Along with this engrossing narrative about the fate and deeds of humankind throughout time, the cruise also offers many opportunities to just sit back and enjoy the magnificent scenery, dip into the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, or stroll through landscapes of unforgettable beauty – a perfect combination of cultural experience and quality time.

“Our Carian Coast tour was really well organised with a highly competent and experienced Captain and crew , tour guide and expert archaeologist, all contributing to make this trip a fantastic experience. Scenery and water was stunning. We were very well catered for and nothing was too much trouble which made the trip very relaxing and enjoyable.”
John & Pam Farragher, NSW, Australia

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