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Cruising to Ephesus

Sat June 6 - Sat June 13, 2015


£2,175 per person
Sing Supp £590

Tour Guide: Dr Olivier Henry

Tour Price includes:
Full board accomm on gulet
Airport transfers on first and last day of tour
All crew services on gulet
Entrance fees & tips on land
Archaeological excursions
WiFi on our scheduled gulet cruises (when coverage permits)


It really was a wonderful holiday; the perfect combination of culture and relaxation. Swimming in secluded bays, excellent food and good company. What more could one ask for? Everyone looked after us so well and we came back refreshed and relaxed and much better informed.”
Simon Tompsett & Alison Ledgerwood, Middlesex, UK

“Fabulous food, great crew, beautiful boat, wonderful guides, fun guests, truly the trip of a lifetime.”
Lawrence and Brenda Johnson, Switzerland

“excellent, excellent, excellent - so knowledgeable, so much enthusiasm, and such fun. Brought the history to exciting life. I can’t imagine a better guide.”
Monica Bloxam, London, UK

“We had a great time, the food was very tasty and the crew extremely friendly and helpful. All in all a wonderful experience of Turkish hospitality.”
Russel and Karen Bainbridge, Western Australia

“We had terrific food and extraordinary historic sites, we couldn’t have been happier”.
Peter Thompson, Hong Kong

Cruising to Ephesus

A glorious tour that includes the stunning ruins at Ephesus.

Beginning in Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus, birthplace of Herodotus, we cruise from some of the prettiest and most interesting sites in Turkey to the stunning and monumental ruins of Ephesus. Each day the wonders of the timeless coast build and build; from the small harbour of Myndos and the ancient wealthy port of Iasos, once celebrated for its stunning blood-red and vivid white ornamental marble, it’s bustling fish market and splendid and intricate mosaics. Today one can easily see Iasos’ past vitality in the ruins that still stand proudly on the site.

Inland we’ll see two soaring temples. The elegant shrine to Zeus at Euromus sits peacefully amid groves of olive trees, the silence disturbed only by the cicadas and the rustling of tortoises in the undergrowth. At Didyma, the gargantuan oracular temple sits gleaming against the blue of the sky. Once adorned with carvings of griffons and medusa, its column bases carved with beautiful friezes, it remains a stunning monumental site sacred to the god Apollo.

Our final destination is Ephesus, capital of Roman Asia. We arrive as the crowds are dispersing to view one of the very first cities in the world to have street lighting. The site is magnificent - marble streets, agoras, villas, a theatre for 28,000 and an extraordinary library.

You’ll have the wonderful opportunity of exploring the sanctuary of Zeus at Labraunda personally escorted by Dr. Olivier Henry the Director of the excavations. A true enthusiast, Olivier is intimately familiar with the whole region. He has travelled widely through the area and published articles on a number of sites you’ll visit on this tour.

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