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Exploring Istanbul

Sat Apr 23 - Sat Apr 30, 2016


£2,325 per person (limited to 18 guests)

Sing Supp £425

Tour Guide: Prof Jim Crow

Istanbul Tour Price includes:
Full board accommodation (Price includes all meals except one dinner)
We use a beautifully restored and luxurious special class historic hotel
Airport transfers on first and last day of tour
Entrance fees & tips on land
Expert led historical excursions
* This tour of Istanbul involves a considerable amount of walking.


Our tour of Istanbul was everything we imagined it to be. This trip gave us all the experiences we’d hope for – culturally, historically and traditionally. Well done! Thank you to Peter Sommer Travels for putting together a wonderful tour!”

Tom Pearce & Carolyn Tinsley-Pearce, Winnipeg, Canada

“I had a wonderful time with a most congenial and interesting group and an absolutely outstanding expert guide and a charming, helpful and unfailingly hard-working local guide. We really did get under the skin of Istanbul and into some places that few if any travellers will see unaided.”

Richard Smith, Herefordshire, UK

“Exploring Istanbul was our very first experience on a guided tour. We were somewhat fearful of participating in a group tour but our guide convinced us otherwise. His passion for Turkey and its history ensured we were captivated by descriptions of eras previously beyond our imagination. We now feel we know Istanbul intimately. Our group was fun, our discussions lively and the dancing at dinner on our final night was indicative of a really fun week.”

Jayne & Maurice Pitard, Victoria, Australia

“The Exploring Istanbul tour was extremely stimulating, intellectually and visually… I hung on the guide’s every word and wished I could go back to College to study the Byzantine period… It was one of the best family holidays we ever had.”
Jennifer O’Riada, County Kildare, Ireland

“We chose Peter Sommer Travels having had a previous wonderful experience with them. Our second trip was equally superb in every respect. Our guides were excellent having a wealth of knowledge which they shared on a level which was comfortable for their audience. Every effort was made to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of the tour by all participants. Every aspect of the Istanbul tour, the organisation of the itinerary, the guides, the transport arrangements and meals were exemplary and professionally undertaken in every respect. We will have no hesitation in booking with Peter Sommer Travels in the future or recommending their services.”

William & Stephanie Ford, Gauteng, South Africa

Exploring Istanbul

We have used our extensive knowledge and contacts to create the definitive Istanbul tour, the very finest historical adventure and exploration of this vibrant and exotic city, Peter’s favourite metropolis in the world. Your base for this fabulous journey is a beautifully restored and luxurious special class historic hotel.

Deësis mosaic in Istanbul's Haghia Sophia
Deësis mosaic

The key, as with all our trips, was to find the best possible expert guide to help shape and lead the tour. Jim Crow was the man we wanted. The many years he has spent leading archaeological projects in Istanbul have given him an unparalleled knowledge of the city throughout its history: from its roots as a small Greek town on the Bosphorus to the teeming and opulent capital city that it became under the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

It’s hard not to speak in superlatives when describing this epic cradle of civilisation. No other city in the world has been besieged so many times, so greatly was it coveted by peoples outside of its walls. Not just age old, and, like no other city on earth sat astride two continents; during its time as capital of the Ottoman Empire it was the most multicultural city in Europe, on whose streets more than a dozen languages were spoken, from Italian to Persian, Greek to Arabic. This city utilised its mercantile dominance over the narrow waterway that connects the Mediterranean and Black Sea to grow wealthy and enhance its political strength. These succeeding cultures have liberally endowed the city with beautiful symbols of imperial power, from its imposing fortifications to its serene places of worship.

On this escorted tour of Istanbul you will see such world-famous sites as Topkapı Palace, Haghia Sofia and the Blue Mosque through expert eyes, and compare them with some seldom-visited wonders that only the true connoisseurs of the city ever visit. We sample some of the best food that Istanbul has to offer, from the long-established cornerstones of Turkish cuisine to traditional local eateries that have raised the simplest of local dishes to a culinary art form. Our Istanbul tours allow you to immerse yourself in a city that has been shaped and moulded by some of the key cultures of the western and eastern worlds for over 3,000 years.

If you’d like to know more about our expert-led tour of Istanbul, please get in touch. One of our specialists, even Peter himself, will be only too pleased to give you a call and answer any questions you might have.

To book your place please contact our office.