Victorian Farm

Victorian Farm, the long awaited sequel to Tales from the Green Valley was shown in autumn 2008 on BBC2.

It is available now for order on DVD – just £17.99 including free delivery in the UK, scroll down for details.

This new 6 part TV series, made by Lion Television, reunites many of the specialists who featured in the 12 part award winning series Tales from the Green Valley, which was produced and directed by Peter Sommer, and broadcast on BBC2 in 2005.

Much like its predecessor, Victorian Farm will follow a team of experts who become Victorian farmers, working on a late 19th Century style farm using only materials and resources that were available in the era, tending to livestock, repairing buildings, growing and preparing food, and crafting furniture and tools.

In Victorian Farm, historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter ‘Fonz’ Ginn are assisted by various specialists and expert craftsmen.

David Upshal, the executive producer of Victorian Farm, says:
“The Victorian period was a pivotal time in Britain’s agricultural history. In the same vein as Lion’s recent BBC commission History Detectives, Victorian Farm will seek to make new discoveries about a lost way of life. We will be exploring the extent to which the traditional crafts and skills of ordinary people in the Victorian era have been forgotten.”

Peter Sommer, the Director of Tales from the Green Valley, passed up the opportunity to produce Victorian Farm, because he was already engaged leading archaeological and historical tours in Turkey.
“I’m delighted that Ruth, Alex, and Fonz, will be back on TV in what promises to be another historical observational documentary. It was marvellous fun working with them on the BBC’s first historical farm series, but I think one farm series is probably enough for me to make for the time being! I will be fascinated to see what Victorian Farm reveals of life in the past.”

You can now buy a book of the TV series Victorian Farm

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Unlike Tales from the Green Valley, you can actually visit the Victorian Farm. Why not go along and take a look – Acton Scott Historic Working Farm

If you want to find out more about the specialists involved, you can visit their websites:

Ruth Goodman – historian 
Alex Langlands – archaeologist

If you want to find out about the original series that led to the creation of all these programmes take a look at Tales from the Green Valley

All of these TV series were made for the BBC by Lion Television


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