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Our visit to Sicily was the highpoint of our third trip to Italy. We really feel that we experienced the country in a way we have not previously. We loved meeting our fellow travelers at our opening introductory dinner, we loved our shopping expedition to the Ortigia market, our cooking lessons, our sailboat ride and our trip to Mt. Etna. This was a memorable vacation for my wife and I and we hope to travel with Peter Sommer Travels again.”
John Brouder, MA, USA

“Michael made it for us. Nothing was too much trouble to ensure that the trip was special.”
Glenn Honey, Cornwall, UK

“...And then there was the Sicilian cuisine, and superb wines which were absolutely worth discovering. Tasting a different wine with each course can be a success only if their quality is excellent, and this most certainly was the case. Every day seemed to be the best of the tour till next day when we started all over. The best accommodation, the best meal or the best site and museum was always today. In other words, I enjoyed every day to the brim and the whole journey was a succession of excellence. Thank you!”
Leonie, Brussels, Belgium

“This tour was an amazing experience seamlessly orchestrated and a celebration of life under the expert and passionate guidance of Michael Metcalfe. I enjoyed the variation in activities, choice of accommodation and restaurants, commitment of service providers (local guides, driver of vehicle, skipper of sailing boat, chef etc), knowledge, commitment and general demeanor of our tour guide. There is nothing that I didn’t enjoy...In my experience the best tour I have been on...Very good value for money...Everything happened on time, as planned and seemingly without any effort at all (although obviously a lot of work went into assuring that) ). Michael Metcalfe is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, passionate, professional, kind, accommodating, gracious - everything one could ever wish for in a guide.”
Anname de Villiers, Fairlands, South Africa

A Gastronomic Tour of Sicily

‘One of the 50 best holidays in Italy’ - The Times Jan 25, 2014,
‘One of “The 50 Best Cultural Tours’ - The Telegraph
‘Embark on the Gastronomic Tour of Sicily for a mouth-watering vacation’ - USA Today

Eastern Sicily is home to a vibrant culinary tradition that mixes delicious local produce with cooking styles drawn from its many foreign rulers, from the Byzantines to the Arabs, and from the Normans to the Spanish.

The rolling hills and fertile plains produce seemingly unlimited quantities of fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables, while abundant flocks and herds produce delicious cheeses and meats. These riches are surrounded by rich fishing grounds, filling the market stalls with an enormous range of marine delicacies. To complete the picture, Sicily now produces some of the most highly regarded new wines in Europe, the perfect accompaniment to its long-renowned ices, fruit drinks and digestifs. This veritable cornucopia of delights provides all the ingredients for a magnificent voyage of cultural and gastronomic discovery.

The modern cuisine is one of the defining creations of the uniquely diverse past of this great island and its history, culture and archaeology will be fundamental elements of our journey.

As we travel through the ever-changing landscapes of Eastern Sicily we will discover how the Bronze Age civilizations left their mark on the rolling hills of Pantalica (one of several UNESCO World Heritage sites we will be visiting on this tour); we will walk through an elegant Roman farmhouse with world-famous mosaics at Piazza Armerina; and we will sample almond granitas in Noto, one of the most beautiful baroque towns in Europe.

Your guides on this brand new food tour in Sicily, have lived and worked in this region for many years. They have drawn deeply on their personal knowledge of land and people to craft an itinerary that combines practical cooking experience with highlights of the region’s cuisine and visits to key historical and cultural sites.

As this Sicily food tour relies so closely on seasonal produce, the itinerary may change slightly to take advantage of the best culinary delights on offer. We are certain that any food and wine lover will be in raptures over this week-long cultural and gastronomic feast.

As well as our gastronomic tour of Sicily you can also join us on our Exploring Sicily tour which provides an unforgettable encounter with the island’s long history and culture..