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Private Gulet Charters in Italy

The names of the famous Italian coastlines, islands and towns exude an air of extravagant indulgence that has been carefully nurtured by countless films and novels: Capri, Ischia, the Amalfi Coast, the Pontine islands, the Costa Esmeralda, the Tuscan Riviera, Panarea, Stromboli, Lipari… They are the epitome of everything that we imagine about Italy – beautiful art houses filled with delicate treasures; narrow lanes negotiated with unaffected nonchalance by a Vespa-riding, stylishly-dressed population at consummate ease with itself; and a beautifully rich cuisine prepared with love and devotion to recipes passed down through the generations. All this, set against a clear blue sky, a verdant landscape bursting with agricultural riches and an ever-changing emerald sea.

Travelling along these coastlines and through islands on your own private gulet allows you to offset the occasionally frenetic pace of life ashore with a relaxed and peaceful time afloat, enjoying the waters in coves and bays that are far from the jet-set crowd.

Thank you for our lovely trip along the Amalfi Coast, everything was perfect and so well organised. Spencer, our guide was magnificent, his knowledge mind boggling and his very shy, dry sense of humour, so very appealing. He thoroughly spoilt us. The Captain knew all the best swimming coves, the crew were outstanding, so much fun and so accommodating. As you can tell we had a wonderful trip. Thank you once again.” Anna Gunther, USA

Discovering Italy

A week-long trip will allow you to explore any of the principle areas at leisure, be it northern Sicily, the Aeolian Islands, the Bay of Naples and Amalfi coast, or the Pontine islands. Two weeks will allow you to combine some of them together to create a unique voyage, allowing you to discover two very different parts of this uniquely varied country.

A Tailor-Made Experience

What makes one of our bespoke charters in Italy a truly unique experience is the great care and passion that goes into planning it. Our tour experts and local guides are veritable connoisseurs of the region and its history, having spent years studying its antiquities both in the field and in academic libraries. They are eager to share their expertise and their love for the country with you, ranging from the archaeology itself via its chequered history to its living traditions, gastronomy, and more.

Chartering a Gulet in Italy

Our gulet fleet in Italy is small, but consists of the three best gulets currently available for charter in the entire country, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a uniquely stylish and cultural experience.


Each expert-led private charter is tailor-made specifically for you, and is created from a great variety of options and add-ons. The price of such a yacht charter can therefore vary greatly depending on your precise desires and requirements. Generally speaking the larger the group the less expensive a tailor-made charter becomes per person.

Getting In Touch

We’re always delighted to talk through all the possibilities and help create the perfect voyage for you. If you’re interested in a private gulet charter to explore Italy’s beautiful coastline, please get in touch.

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