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Your professionalism...I thought it was exciting and exhilarating

CF, Birmingham UK

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From archaeological adventures on land to expert led gulet cruises and private gulet yacht charters, we like to think we offer the very finest cultural tours and holidays in Turkey, Greece and Italy – but we are always trying to improve.

Our clients come from very different walks of life and age groups. We’re delighted that many come back to travel on our escorted historical tours and small group cruises again and again. We feel that their testimonials describe who we are and what we do far better than we ever could. Here’s a small selection.

You can also see live independent reviews of our tours as submitted directly by our guests on the AITO (The Association of Independent Tour Operators) website - Review of Peter Sommer Travels.

“We were a small select group, guided by Peter Sommer and his team in the “Footsteps of Alexander the Great” and through Peter’s contagious enthusiasm Anatolia’s past came back to life. We also learnt about Turkey’s many cultural phases from before Alexander to Ataturk and beyond through archaeology, history, geography, gastronomy and present day politics...Every day brought new wonders on a carefully planned itinerary - such quality organisation and a truly unforgettable journey of discovery.”
Simon Blackmore, Oxford

“We spent last September with Peter Sommer Travels, cruising in a beautiful Turkish wooden boat along the rugged and historic Lycian coast. It was so much more than just a ‘holiday’. A typical day started with a rosy dawn viewed from bed, then a swim in the perfect turquoise sea, healthy and varied local food shared at a communal table with a dozen like-minded guests and an educative light scramble over history on land. The scenery was spectacular, the company delightful, the weather perfect and then...there was the archaeology!”
Stephen Duddy, Adelaide, Australia

“A very memorable trip. Outstanding guides who were knowledgeable, organized, personable and fun. Beautiful Greek islands with lots of history, fabulous museums and ruins, charming architecture, incredible vistas. Amazing food, both on-board and on land. Every meal was a dining experience! A nice mix of organized outings and down time. The gulet was very comfortable with plenty of space to spread out with options for both sunshine and shade. The ship’s crew was wonderful.”
Paula Neumann, Virginia, USA

“One of the most unforgettable holidays we have had in many years and many memories to treasure. We will certainly be back. It was clear that considerable thought, care and attention to detail went into the planning and delivery. The holiday was more than we dreamed it could be and we’d dreamed a lot.”
Steve Killick, South Wales, UK

Best-selling writer, Tess Gerritsen, came on our From Halicarnassus to Ephesus tour in Turkey, Sep 2009.
“This was my second trip with Peter Sommer Travels, and once again, it was pure pleasure.  Every day of the journey reminded me of just why I signed up again: lovely accommodation, wonderful food, and most of all the thrill of knowing that every day would bring a new adventure. Thank you, Peter, for once again proving that your tours are the very best in Turkey.”
Tess Gerritsen, Maine, USA

“Our experience was simply exceptional. The people...the sites.. the friendships..the laughter..the knowledge..the food...everything was beyond our expectations and we will return for another adventure soon...congratulations on getting it
Ian & Samantha Beare, BC, Canada

“We so enjoyed the gulet cruise in Turkey. As a tour guide myself, I am, I suppose, the most critical sort of audience, but I was simply knocked over by the whole experience: we loved the wonderful gulet with its delightful and efficient crew, and those beautiful sites explained with such passion and sensitivity. Well done indeed.”
Professor Richard Holmes, Winchester, UK, historian and presenter of BBC TV series including War Walks and Wellington, and author of numerous books including ‘Tommy’, ‘Redcoat’, and ‘Dusty Warriors’.

“It was really perfect in every respect. We were delighted by the guests you attract which is extremely important. Your choice of archaeologist and tour guide is excellent. The crew of the gulet were a great asset to the tour. The easy pace of the sites and the thoughtful changes dictated by the weather. What can one say? Well done.”
Yoram & Marilyn Anselm, Italy

“Don’t wait to experience a Peter Sommer Travels’ trip! It was an experience to be remembered and cherished forever! The guides were amazing and the boat was fabulous, not to mention the beautiful Aegean sea and the wonderful Turkish landscape!”
Alissa Bushnell, California, USA

“Peter Sommer Travels is an excellent company. Their itineraries are thoughtfully conceived and executed with superb attention to detail and extremely well executed. The company provides excellent support both before and during
each trip. The expert and local guides are first class. Each trip we have taken with them has been a totally enjoyable and immersive experience.”
Peter & Margaret Woods, Victoria, Australia

“Peter Sommer Travels provided us an unparalleled opportunity to explore Turkey from ancient to modern times. The tremendous beauty of the natural setting combined with the knowledge and expertise of the guide made for an unforgettable adventure! The gulet’s accommodations and elegance—including the sumptuous meals and extraordinary opportunities to swim or explore on kayak or windsurfer—made a relaxing and reviving base, too. We will never forget this trip with Peter Sommer Travels...and are already planning for another one!”
Beth Dusinberre, USA

“The combination of sailing, walking through fascinating archaeological sites, meeting friendly Turkish villagers, swimming in warm clear waters and being fed delicious healthy Turkish food in good company - is just a winner. It is the best holiday we have ever had. Many thanks for your meticulous attention to our comfort.”
Suzie Allman, Roseville, NSW, Australia

“After 2 wonderful gulet cruises in Turkey with Peter we thought it might be hard to repeat the magic - we needn’t have worried. Sailing to Ephesus was the best of them all. The 5 kids with us loved it and still talk about it as one big adventure. Hats off again to Peter who manages effortlessly to hold adults and children entranced with his evocative narratives.”
Andy Wilson, London, UK

“Peter Sommer was recommended highly to us. The information provided to us before the trip was excellent. Our experience on the Carian Coast cruise in Turkey exceeded expectations. All of the personnel involved on the boat were knowledgeable and helpful, the gulet was well appointed, and the onboard and onshore activities were superb. All of this made our trip memorable. We will be back.”
Carole Ferrier and Jim Harvey, NSW, Australia

“Our experience with Peter Sommer Travels was outstanding from our first inquiry to completing a wonderful vacation. The itinerary, accommodations, the expert tour guides, cuisine and the fellow travellers they attract were first class. We highly recommend their services.”
Maureen & Don, California, USA

“For the third time in a row, a Peter Sommer Travels tour provided my wife and me with a vigorous, fascinating, and thoroughly enjoyable tour and exposure to thousands of years of history, as well as great food, scenery, and glorious vistas! For the third time in a row, the conclusion of the tour, convinced me I have to book another!”
Russell & Melanie Chapman, Louisiana, USA

“When you sign up for a “gulet tour” you have to understand that just by the very nature of the trip, on a Turkish Gulet, you will not be traveling on a “luxurious” cruise by the behemoth tour ships’ standards. BUT THAT IS THE TRUE LUXURY of this type of trip. We went places where no cruise ship could go, and because the groups are small, you are not herded around like a flock of sheep. The vistas and archaeological sights were breathtaking, the clear blue waters mesmerizing and the people and culture, enchanting. Best of all, you have a choice of participating in an activity, or just lying back and reading a book, or swimming in crystal clear waters.”
Lynne Redding, Pacific Palisades, CA, USA

“There were lots of places on the boat where we could sit back and just enjoy the scenery or read a book or get together with the other passengers. The food was fabulous and wine was provided with dinner each night. Each day had a planned site visit for about three or four hours and there was plenty of time to swim and relax. lt was a fascinating trip for those who like to dig a little deeper than the generic guidebook, as the cruise does visit well known and remote archaeological sites. We enjoyed the company of others from around the world who seemed to have led interesting and varied lives.”
Jane and Brettt Rushton, Albany, Australia

“We had a fabulous time and saw some wonderful sites with Vergina, Olympia and Delphi and accompanying museums perhaps being the highlights. Our tour guides were entertaining and informative and extremely good company.”
Jean Harper, UK

“This is the trip you always dreamed about but never imagined could happen. Seeing the Classical treasures of the Ionian coast in Turkey by sea with knowledgeable guides, an expert crew, and terrific fellow passengers was the adventure of a lifetime. The archaeologist in me was thrilled every moment; the writer in me was inspired beyond belief. I can’t say enough good things about the delicious food, the friendly Turkish people, the breath-taking sites, and the blend of relaxation, indulgence, and adventure Peter Sommer Travels creates. If I had to pick just one big word, it would be: Epic. We’ll definitely be back for more!”
Dana Cameron, Beverly, Massachusetts, USA - award-winning writer

This was my most memorable holiday; a magical historical adventure brought to life by Peter with vivid descriptions and awesome knowledge and enthusiasm for the lives of Greeks and Romans as we climbed and scrambled freely through the ruins of ancient cities, temples, fortresses and tombs on the Carian coast of Turkey.  The gulet, guests and crew were a delight as well as the most beautiful turquoise and blue secluded bays where we moored and swam.  The delicious and bountiful food deserves high praise.
Diane Du Bois, UK

“Our memories of the southern Turkey gulet voyage with you are among the happiest we have.”
Angus and Sue Wright, Monoblet, France

“We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and would like to thank all involved for making it so good, Michael especially was fantastic, being courteous, enthusiastic, most knowledgeable and a lot of fun. Our tour manager, Cem, was also wonderful. We left Turkey feeling very relaxed and wanting to stay longer! Thanks again to all at Peter Sommer Travels.”
Penny Hughes, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

We didn’t regret our decision to book a guided archaeological cruise of the remote Carian Coast in Turkey with Peter Sommer Travels. The particular blend of experience that this tour offers is a winner. As one of our young fellow-passengers remarked, while we sat playing whist as our gorgeous boat sailed through the sparkling Aegean, “What’s not to like?”.
Jane Barnes, Dublin

“Much as I love to relax on holiday, I need to learn as well. Otherwise I may as well just stay lying in the back yard in the sunshine. The cruise met my needs perfectly. A swim (or two or three) every day in the beautiful Aegean. Lounging on a gulet, reading and catching the sun. Fresh delicious food. And exploring the history, the landscape and the archaeological sites of Western Turkey. Was I happy? Absolutely.”
Ann Tonks, Victoria, Australia

“We had the most brilliant holiday, everything about it was wonderful, Serdar, the boat, the crew, the itinerary, all the people; thank you so much, I have not stopped recommending it. “
Jacky Laurie, France

We were lucky enough to welcome international best selling novelist, Tess Gerritsen, on our Cruising the Carian Coast tour in Turkey in June 2007. This is what she had to say:
“This was one of the best vacations of my well-travelled life. It was the perfect mix of sybaritic swims and mindblowing archaeology, awe-inspiring walks and meals featuring the freshest fruits and vegetables that this beautiful country has to offer. And the travellers you’ll meet on the gulet are a special breed - curious, intelligent, and adventurous. Just the sort of people you want to spend 2 weeks with! We loved the trip, absolutely loved it!”
Tess Gerritsen, Maine, USA

“We had such a wonderful time. We couldn’t have had a better guide than Michael, who took us through all of these virtually untouched places with enthusiasm and knowledge. The whole group could not have been happier with everything we did each day on our tour in Turkey, and we all felt perfectly at home on the beautiful gulet. Everything was perfect and I am very much looking forward to the next tour!”
María C. Romero, Madrid, Spain

“Our gulet cruise in Turkey was the loveliest and most memorable of vacations. Anyone drawn by echoes of antiquity, the rise and fall of empires, the spiritual quest, salt air, sunshine and a beautiful well-manned boat would find it so.”
Patty Auchincloss, Connecticut, USA

“On our gulet cruise in Turkey we had, comfort, good food, friendly crew, and good company, but what made the holiday quite exceptional was Peter’s brilliant choice of sites, some well known, but mostly remote and specially beautiful, in all of which his depth of knowledge and enthusiasm brought the past alive for us, making the dead stones live.”
Gerry Warner, Tewkesbury, UK

“Lazy swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, sailing under clear blue skies, walking to remote and ancient cities with an expert guide and finishing the day with a glass of wine and delicious Turkish food. The Walking the Lycian Shore holiday in Turkey provided all this and more, every day, for two wonderful weeks.”
Carol Johnston, Melbourne, Australia

“The gulet tour in Turkey was outstanding. We both had a glorious time, and the crew, tour guide Michael and tour manager Cem were absolutely fantastic. Michael made sure the trips to the archaeological sites were highly memorable. He certainly has a passion for his work. In addition, the food the crew prepared was superb. Everything about the trip was as wonderful as we had hoped. In fact, we’d like to go on another tour with Peter Sommer Travels. All in all, the trip, and tour, was fabulous.”
Dave Haist, Wayland, MA, USA

“The trip was fantastic and we all had a great time. I believe everyone was very pleased that they joined the customised land tour as well as the gulet cruise in Turkey. Many, many thanks for all your help in putting it together over such a long period of time. The holiday was flawless.”
Samuel Thawley, Glasgow, UK

“This was the best vacation of my life (and I haven’t been the least bit deprived!). I learned more in these two weeks in Turkey than in any year in college with the best professors, and I absorbed it in a way that will continue to inform my understanding of the world for the rest of my life.”
Ann Senechal, Boston, USA

“Ben and I loved the Alexander the Great tour in Turkey and it just gets better with each passing month as the happy memories float back into mind. And what delightful company.”
Tony Claffey, London, UK

“We enjoyed every aspect of the tour in Turkey...we’re immensely grateful to you and the gulet’s crew for all your hard work in making it such an enjoyable, informative, and unforgettable experience.”
The Miles family, Cambridge, UK

“Every aspect of your holiday in Turkey was absolutely first rate; the boat itself, the friendly crew, the superb food, the choice of sites and the archaeological guide. We can’t recommend the experience highly enough and are very keen to do another one”
Anne & Quentin Maxwell-Jackson, London, UK

“We could not have asked for anything more. It was more than a wonderful vacation, you made it a true adventure. We travelled 2,500 years in a fortnight, saw and experienced things most people could never even imagine. Your enthusiasm, passion and organizational skills made the whole time a true holiday. Thank you so much”
Greg Sturgess, Delta, BC, Canada

“Thank you so much for your kindness and good cheer. The gulet was wonderful, and the Turkish crew made us feel so at home. You have a lot to be proud of and I am very grateful.”
Paula Bennett, Vermont, USA

“Thanks for a most wonderful and highly educational experience in Turkey. Heartfelt thanks from VERY satisfied clients.”
Ford & Nancy Moseley, Virginia, USA

“we loved being with our guide, Jennifer Tobin. She was insightful knowledgable and wonderfully enthusiastic...The gulet was sensational - much more than we ever expected and the crew excellent. The Turkish food was fabulous. Ben and I both agreed that this was our best most memorable vacation and we’ve had many in the last 50 years or so - both on and off sailboats. thanks so much Peter.”
Joan Giordano, New York, USA

“I would like to say that the holiday in Turkey was the best we have ever had…..Mr Sommer was so good a tour leader that it would be hard to think how anyone could have been better.”
Michael Faraday, Walton on Thames, UK

“Thanks so much for a wonderfully interesting and enjoyable holiday in Turkey… Catering excellent on boat. Gulet crew was terrific. Great mix of education and pleasure. Overall, a five-star, wonderful experience...We appreciated your personal thoughtfulness, Peter, and attention to detail. I would change very little if I were you!”
Michael Thawley, Washington D.C, USA

“Serdar’s expertise was most impressive. We count ourselves extremely fortunate to have had such a knowledgeable tour guide in Turkey who was able to lead us to such exciting discoveries.”
John & Glynis Gothard, London, UK

“The Sailing and Walking tour of the Lycian Shore in Turkey, with Peter Sommer, ranks as one of our best ever holidays alongside our boat trip to the Kimberley, sailing in the Whitsunday Islands and skiing Aspen. That’s saying a lot. To be given some understanding of the complexity of these ancient mountaintop cities with their Lycian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine cultures, overlaid on the enjoyment of daily walking the Turkish landscape and swimming in the pristine and safe Mediterranean was fantastic. Peter’s skills as archaeological expert, tour leader and group manager are beyond compare. This is the shared opinion of a couple who are both experienced managers and group therapists! Two weeks on a boat with 12 strangers and three fantastic crew and Peter were not nearly enough.”
Amanda O’Connell and Peter Churven, Melbourne, Australia

“Peter Sommer is a real find — an excellent communicator and tremendous enthusiast.”
Alan Moss, Liverpool, UK

“What a great week, wonderful food, incredible sights, excellent care from the crew, and even full sail into Fethiye bay. Wonderful memories of Turkey and the gulet.”
Anne Whitley, Spokane WA, USA

“The gulet was gorgeous, even better then expected. Thanks so much to the captain and crew who were so attentive.”
Pier Francesco Ferrucci, Milan, Italy

“The gulet tour in Turkey with your company was a great highlight...we enjoyed every aspect of it. We found that the information given to us by our tour guide Michael apart from being so interesting in itself, really helped us understand the places we visited. Please convey our thanks and appreciation to the other members of the “team"."
Anne and Jim Duggan, Victoria, Australia

“Thanks to Peter for organising and leading such an educational, entertaining, and relaxing holiday in Turkey.”
Dave Rogerson, Tewkesbury, UK

“Peter’s guiding was meticulous and extremely thoughtful. The piece of the trip that really distinguishes it from another tour of its kind is Peter’s intimate connection with the place and the history as it allowed us to see places, meet people, and have experiences that would not have been otherwise available...All of these things combined made us feel special: we weren’t on a pleasure cruise, nor were we on a boring dry tour sponsored by some Harvard professor who made us listen to lectures at night. That element of our being special and different from all the others we encountered is the priceless part.”
Manine Golden, Boston, USA

“Very impressive and good…..Everything anticipated well, dealt with skilfully and sensitively. A very individual approach; no one feels like a number. It couldn’t have been better — really!”
MK, London, UK

“Peter Sommer has the most engaging way of sharing information. No lectures aboard ship. No formal introductions to the next day’s visits. But instead, a beautiful unfolding of information, delivered on site. Hadrian introduced beside his granary. Roman baths explained amidst the ruins of baths. Quotes from writers of the day to bring to life these ancient ruins...and so we eager ‘students’ came to a real understanding of the many people and civilisations which shaped the coast of Turkey.”
Libby Cryer, Connecticut, USA

“I can’t remember having such a magical vacation as the first ever Epicurean (Gastronomic) gulet Cruise in Turkey with the indomitable Serdar as our guide, the adorable captain, another Serdar, Eyup our cook and all around Jack of all Trades… and the charming crew.  The gulet Sultan A was magnificent, weather was perfect, the ports enchanting, the archaeological sites beyond compare and the every single guest, interesting and delightful shipmates. I cannot tell you how many of my friends are chomping at the bit to take part in a Peter Sommer’s cruise.”
Lynne Redding, Pacific Palisades, CA, USA

“I enjoyed the whole ambience of the tour in Turkey. The gulet was fabulous. The hospitality was exceptional, we felt like guests rather than customers. The mealtime banter was like being with friends rather than strangers, the sailing was beautiful, as was the scenery. The historical tours were fascinating, and somehow I now know a lot more about the history of Turkey than I did before I went. I didn’t think about work once on the trip, and at the end of it I was thoroughly relaxed. I think the price we paid was well worth it.”
Helen Abell, Tewkesbury, UK

“The trip was a delight.  Great companions, great itinerary, great organization and a great guide!!  Thanks for spoiling us… experience that we will treasure for many years to come.”
Doug Frenette, Alberta, Canada

“We had perfect weather everyday, terrific food and extraordinary historic sites, we couldn’t have been happier.”
Peter Thompson, Hong Kong

“I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday in Turkey. The sites we visited were most interesting and educational. The whole group on the boat got on so well and were great fun. The Turkish food was always interesting, tasty and the freshest.”
Jenny Hughes, AUS

“I have only positive things to say about this trip. The Gulet was beautiful and clean. The weather was perfect. The crew and tour manager accommodating and Alan Greaves was terrific.”
Tara Neal, USA

“My son and I really enjoyed our cruise on the gulet – there was a great crew and it’s hard to think of anything you could have done better to help us enjoy our holiday. Hats off to the chef. He was especially amazing, superb-- it’s hard to find the words to describe all of the wonderful dishes he was able to prepare for us, and all in a kitchen the size of a closet. Truly fantastic stuff”
Nathanial McIntosh, USA

“I don’t know that I have ever had such an all-around perfect vacation. We were so extremely well taken care of from the minute we arrived in the airport until we were taken back to the airport. We didn’t have to think about a thing or make a decision about a thing. It was a completely stress-free vacation. Not only was the food absolutely delicious, it was so healthy. I keep trying to recreate the food at home but to no avail. We really liked the idea of having a focus for the trip too. Our guide inspired us to use our imaginations, made us laugh and taught us so much about the ancient sites we visited. I think we are spoiled for any other type of vacation.”
Judith Christensen & Philip Dowad, British Columbia, Canada

“Thank you for a truly sensational trip this past week.  - a perfect balance of relaxation, ancient exploration, beauty, incredible food and very congenial company. We look forward to our next… thanks again from us both for an extraordinary trip !”
Bernard Gustin & Belinda Shepard, USA

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